Body Wrappers Clearance Twyla II Half Sole

Item #621A

JAZZY TAN Angelo Luizo leather pleated half sole slipper. Anatomically curved last with left and right construction. Freedom pleats permit easy pointe-to-flex toe movement..

This is a clearance item. Your order may not ship complete.*

Women order two and half to three sizes smaller than street shoe. Whole sizes only.

Adult Sizes

* Although items shown are in stock, it is possible that by the time your order is processed in our warehouse, they may no longer be available. If this happens, we will not backorder and the items will be removed from your order. We will not call you about your clearance order. If you have specific instructions regarding this item, we ask you call us to place your order. All sales for clearance items are final, no returns or exchanges will be accepted.

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